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Class is so bad I don’t want to make it there alive!


Nooooo! I don’t wanna go to school!!!

This shoulda been the first thing on the Freshman reading list. Everything would have been so much easier!

New levels of boredom have been reached

I feel like this every Monday. Have they found the cure yet?

Calvin gets ya in the mood for Wednesday

Ever had a jerk teacher or professor like this? I know I have…

I have an idea about where you can shove your Thursdays!

Yes, it’s really Monday. Deal with it…hopefully better than this!

back to school crying

School Sucks!

Whether this is what she was supposed to be writing on the chalkboard or not, she got it right!

When class gets you down. You need to… - You Need To Hear This

When class gets you down. You need to...

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